UX & UI Designer
Front-end Developer

Creating user-empathetic, knowledge and data driven experiences and turning them into sustainable, semantic, clean code.

Recent Projects

Dittly - do it together

Dittly, a platform on which users can plan projects and track and share their project progress with the home-improvement community.

Dittly, a platform on which users can plan projects by saving milestones, lists, materials, and estimates, and then track and share their project progress with the home-improvement community.
ux & ui designfront-end code

Designed sleek, corporate, and minimal website experience and design to suit brand.
ux & ui designfront-end code

ParkPnP Messaging Feature

Designed intuitive, easy, and familiar experience. Coded using Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.

Designed intuitive, easy, and familiar experience that is minimal and follows brand style. Coded using Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap to suit my clients development process while also integrating best practices easy for the development team to maintain.
ux & ui designfront-end code

Developed the new front-end of a highly customized, responsive coding bootcamp website.

Developed the new front-end of a complex coding bootcamp website that receives thousands of unique visitors a month. The design I coded was highly customized, and responsive with very important details and many micro-interactions.
front-end code

What I do

UX & UI Design

I design user friendly experiences for apps using an iterative process of user research, ideation, sketchboarding, wireframing, and prototyping. Using the brand’s persona and experience guidelines, I create the visual design to suit the motivation, emotion, and story of the experience.

Front-end Development

I code the the interface by building out designs and interactions, coding semantic and accessible markup, building responsive layouts, and creating reusable components. I am excited by working on a team with other enthusiastic developers to collaboratively solve problems and build a high quality product together.


May 31

What we Learn from Empathy in User Experience

If you’ve ever been to any UX meeting, read any UX blog or book, or looked at any UX definition, it will usually says something like “empathise with the end user”. What does it mean, empathise?

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About Me

Iteration is key to designing an intuitive and delightful experience. Only user research will reveal what kind of experience you need. Write code clean, well documented, and simple from the start. Focus on projects that contribute to bettering our world.

I studied Psychology and carried out research at the University of Victoria. I apply my knowledge of human motivation and emotion to my user experience design and my knowledge of scientific research to learn more about user behavior.

I was born and raised in Germany. I have a dog named Dexter. I’m part of a weightlifting club. I can ride a horse in both western and english style. I'm a huge fan of West Coast craft beer. My dream is to build a cabin in the woods.


“In addition to being bright, talented, and dedicated, Maggie is very hard worker. She was a pleasure to have on the team and always ensured her work met the high expectations set by her colleagues”
Kevin Kinghorn Senior Director, Digital & Marketing at Canucks Sports & Entertainment
"Maggie studies the latest trends and applies them where appropriate in her daily work. Throughout the projects we worked on together, Maggie delivered on-time and with great quality. I hope to work with her again!”
Mike Nikles Experienced IT Leader
“Maggie has a great sense of design and color that have made our project deliverables user-friendly and consequently we have received many compliments. I would highly recommend Maggie for a broad spectrum of work.”
Judy Burgess Director, Division of Student Affairs at University of Victoria
“We have worked with Maggie on a number of different design projects and have been extremely happy with the work each time. Her sense of colour and design help us transform our data into beautiful graphics that really speak to our audience."
Kate Vallace Centre for Addictions Research BC