Designing the perfect brand persona

November 2014
brand design
mockup of the website

Designing a brand and user experience for Maria’s sewing shop was an amazing experience in itself. Maria is a woman filled with compassion for others and excitement for life. Her warm and happy character and welcoming smile draws you closer to her, and her passion for exploration and goodness is expressed through every thread she sews. Getting to know Maria’s story of how sewing became her passion made me determined to reflect her energetic, happy, and unique character in her brand.

The name Stormy Threads is a reflection of Marias happy, adventurous and confrontational character, and is also in context to her location, the coast of Sooke, BC, and her profession, sewing.

screenshot of the site
screenshot of the site
screenshot of the site
screenshot of the site
screenshot of the site
screenshot of the site

Stormy Threads is a sewing shop that sells children’s and canine apparel, and its brand values are practicality, fun, and uniqueness. The circular shield of the logo invokes boldness and calmness. The sewing needle is a symbol of a skilled seamstress, representing the fine tuned and detail-oriented skill. Colors within the logo represent energy, happiness, and freshness.

Designing a brand and customer experience for Maria took a lot of collaboration, learning, and listening. We tell her story and reflect her unique character throughout the brand, website, and social media outlets.

Designing the Stormy Threads brand and experience included creating:

  • Logo design
  • Branding guide
  • Business card design
  • Strategic storytelling
  • Photography and coaching
  • Design of customer experience (online and in-store)
  • Social media plan and coaching
  • Ecommerce website (since retired)